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Phenomenal Fudge Homemade in Vermont with real cream and butter

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Phenomenal Fudge Frequently Asked Questions

8. "How long will Phenomenal Fudge last?" 
Phenomenal Fudge will stay fresh for about six to eight weeks. It will tend to dry out before any off-taste will Homemade Vermont Fudgedevelop. For long periods of non-snacking we recommend that you place the fudge tub in a zip-lock bag and freeze it. Fudge frozen for over a year does not change its color, taste or texture. However, we'd be surprised if it lasts longer than one day after you receive it.

7. "What should be done if it does dry out?" 
Don't you dare throw Phenomenal Fudge out. Simply place the fudge in a microwave proof container and warm it at 30 second intervals at 50% power. Add a teaspoon of water to mix in with the warm fudge.

6. "How can Phenomenal Fudge be used in other ways than just eating it?" 
Melt Phenomenal Fudge over ice cream, freeze and cube it for party snacking, dice it and sprinkle it over desserts, melt and spread thin layers over sections of birthday cake, dribble melted chocolate fudge over cookies or biscotti. Use our home-made fudge for your home-made desserts.

5. "How are my purchases shipped?" 
We ship via USPS Priority Mail 2-Day for domestic delivery. 

4. "Does Phenomenal Fudge travel well in hot weather?" 
When the summer temperatures reach above 75 degrees the fudge will become less solid and will tend to shift around in the container, especially on long trips. We will do our best to avoid those super hot days before shipping. We will contact you if shipping is not recommended.

3. "When will my order be shipped?" 
Unless you instruct us otherwise we will ship your order within two business days.

2. "Can I send a message along with my purchase?" 
You bet! Just write a greeting in the proper space on the order form at checkout. We will copy it onto our standard "To-From" card included with each shipment.

1. "How solid is your guarantee?" 
Everything is guaranteed 100%. If anything is not great for either the sender or the receiver we will give you your choice of a complete refund, replacement or credit. The product first needs to be returned to Phenomenal Fudge for inspection. We cannot guarantee on time delivery, however, due to delays incurred by our shipping carriers. Please call for instructions.

 "I just wanted to say that the Monkey Business & caramel apple pie are the 2 best fudges I have ever had period and the chocolate peanut butter and the key lime are great too. Thank you."
Marcia Boling
Austin, Texas

January 18, 2012